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Willow & Wick Cabinet Coatings is a brand built on the heart of the home. Our name and our values are formed on the sentiments of my time spent growing up on my grandparent’s farm. Where coming for a visit was really coming home. Bright white, wide open windows and light filled spaces. Furniture rearranged, down comforters and too many pillows to count. Blanket forts and paper dolls. Playing cards and mowing the yard. Winter nights meant family dinners where everyone was welcome. Tables pushed together, chairs added around. Grandma’s countless candles lined down the center and her countless reminders not to blow them out. Summer days spent playing beneath the willow trees around the pond, and evenings camping out under the stars. Mornings huddled together in the kitchen with Grandpa dunking our toast in chocolate milk, or rainy days gathered around his mixing bowl baking oatmeal cookies. Drying dishes next to Great Aunt Glady while she stood on tiptoe to give Jonas a kiss. Angel food cake always on the counter and coffee always ready to be made. Too many memories too count.
Walking in the front door you never knew what room was going to be a bedroom, living room or dining room. Grandma loves rearranging furniture and changing things around. I’m happy to carry on that passion. But no matter what year or season, the kitchen always stayed the same. The only place in my Grandma’s house that never changed. Always constant, always home.
Here at Willow & Wick, we believe that with the right colors, lighting, finishes and fixtures we can create this type of space and nostalgia in any home. A place where you can gather and make memories for years to come. We’d love to help you craft the heart of your home into a space you love.

We are a family owned and operated small business. Which means the same values that my family is built on are the values that we carry to our clients. Honesty, loyalty, hard-work and warm hospitality. We are passionate about what we do and about honoring the investment you are making into your home. We believe that we are more then just painters, we are true artisans, with a love for our craft and a passion for creating something beautiful that will last.



Jonas and Bailey Clawson are the owners and operators of Willow & Wick Cabinet Coatings. Jonas has over 15 years in contracting and client services, he is experienced in fine finishes and is “Elite Cabinet Coating” certified for cabinet refinishing, refacing and staining. He is the muscle and common sense behind every project I dream up. His favorite things are new socks, cheap sunglasses, collecting drill bits and a good cup of coffee in the morning.  I (Bailey) am the voice behind all our posts and online content. I’m also “Elite Cabinet Coating” certified and bring years of painting experience from rooms to furniture and stains to chalk paint I’ve done it all. I have a background in the arts, photography and a degree in music performance. I’m a lover of all things Fixer Upper, Joanna Gaines, DIY projects, design, furniture rehab, succulents (which I seem to kill!), and ALL the ship lap.  And never far behind the two of us is our sweet French bulldog pup Silo (our fixer upper fan dog)!


Bryan S.

Toledo - Sales & Project mANAGER

We are excited to launch a Toledo location with Bryan running both the sales and project management. We are currently setting up our shop in Toledo and will be ready Spring 2022. Bryan has completed the Willow & Wick training, in addition to his years of home remodeling experience (everything from complete kitchen and bath tear outs to fine detail painting and finishing). Besides his finishing skills Bryan brings years of experience in sales and marketing to the table. His customer service and attention to detail ensures an excellent experience and finished project in every home.


All the members of the Willow & Wick team work go through our training process. We have a high standard and ensure that anyone coming into your home has completed appropriate training and is thoroughly vetted for quality and needed skill sets to achieve our finishes.


When you are looking to hire someone to perform a service, it’s important those individuals are solution oriented and have experience in troubleshooting. We strive for perfection, and we communicate with our clients until they are 100% satisfied with the completed project. That being said, anyone who works in the service and refinishing industry should be well equipped to deal with anything unexpected that might come up.  You want someone who knows how to appropriately troubleshoot and resolve issues. We promise that we will not stop working on your project until your are happy with the results. No shortcuts. No hidden mistakes. Up front, honest communication until the final product is something we are proud of.